Waiting For A Train

Listen to the London Underground

On a recent trip to London I spent time recording the sounds of the London Underground with a stealth DPA4060 rig. The Underground is iconic – a subterranean maze for tourists to puzzle over; a claustrophobic capsule for the morning commute; an animated stage for buskers.

It’s a space in flux and not one most of us consider spending a minute longer in than required.

This recording was made on the platform at Shepherd’s Bush. Prompt public service announcements and a gentle, reverberant soundscape give way to the distant approach of the Circle line train – at first muffled before enveloping the soundstage and coming to a screeching halt – spilling out passengers and their passing conversations before departing for the next station.

Part of the Sounds of the London Underground collection – 40 minutes of recordings exploring the sounds of the London tube trains and station platforms